Thursday, August 26, 2010

been gone, hopefully not forgotten

This post will be really, really quick. Starting next week I will blog regularly. It won't be daily, that's too much for me to commit to but it will be at least weekly. I plan on getting my craft room completely done this weekend and will be posting pictures of the finished results.  My boyfriend already took the closet doors down and it's already made a huge difference.

The reason for my post today is simple. I'm addicted to magazines from craft magazines to fashion magazines I could go into hock. They help me clear my head during my lunch break at work and give me great ideas for my crafting and dressing as well.  With that said, the month of September is a mag hag's dream. This is the month that those expensive magazines are really worth their weight and I get that same excited hyped up feeling that I did as a kid when the Sears Christmas catalog came out.

Well, I'm hoping someday I come to post on my blog and someone leaves a comment. This helps me out a great deal, just hope there's someone out there who will like my blog.

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