Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sorry I've been a no show this week. I've got a cold so I haven't been taking my pictures as promised. We did get our new living room furniture. It's so nice and Peanut was the first to try out the chair. He likes it very much as you can see.
Mason is also very comfortable on the new sofa. So much he seems to find it a great sleeping spot. Well definitely this weekend even if I have to crawl outside. I'll be taking pictures.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Magic City

I am a huge fan of period pieces. Especially those that take place between the 20's and the 60's. With that being said I was so happy to hear about Magic City. I was even more excited when I got to see the premiere. What an amazing cast, what great costumes and the scenery. Makes me want to turn my house into it's original 50's design.

This face isn't anything to turn away from either. Hubba, hubba that's what I've got to say when seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He's got such rugged yet handsome good looks. As I get older I seem to look at the dad's more than the son's.

Danny Huston's character is nothing to sneeze at either. His character, Ben Diamond is one scary dude. I just learned that he is the half brother of Angelica Huston. Wow, learn something new everyday.

Let me know what you think of Magic City. I also have been on the Mad Men boat since the beginning and I'm not abandoning the show. Just adding another one to my list.

I promise within the next few days I will be taking pictures and posting them to this blog. Between having a tough year at work, getting a new puppy and trying to get our house in order things have taken longer than I wished.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Semi-busy weekend

Sorry I haven't posted at all this weekend. I got a lot done just nothing that I really had on my 'to do' list. I'm trying to get our living room ready for furniture. I know it sounds funny but we have a family room in our basement where we spend most of our time so we didn't really worry not having adult furniture in our living room. Well now we finally will have a couple of chairs and a sofa. We can finally take down the plastic banquet table that has been sitting in there. Besides the table our 2 dogs crates are in there and a shelving unit. So I'm going to cross my fingers that the furniture looks nice and we are happy with it.

Also Joe tilled the small area behind our garage so that we can have a vegetable garden this year. Last year we had tomato's, lettuce and a bunch of herbs but weren't able to do to much directly against the house. This year with getting all the muckety muck from behind the garage we should be able to plant a bunch of vegetables. I'm not much for flowers so I"m looking forward to several varieties of tomato's, carrots, radishes, cucumbers and maybe some watermelon.

I didn't get to work with my camera like I wanted to this weekend but this week I will get working on that and hopefully have some good pictures to show all of you.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Instagram and Pixlr

I am not really good at taking pictures and it's probably because I don't take many. I was never someone to take my camera everywhere and really didn't take many pictures when I went on my honeymoon. Now I am getting the itch to start taking pictures and hopefully improving the way that I do take them.

This first picture was taken by a photographer at our wedding. With the help of Pixlr and my Ipad I was able to turn it into something more special to me. I"m thinking of mod-podging it to a block of wood and displaying it. What do you think?

Now this other picture was taken using my camera on my flip phone. Yes I said flip phone, I'm not really up on technology when it comes to phones and haven't really been interested in upgrading either. I just tweaked the picture with Instagram.

Monday, April 9, 2012

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Are you Being Served?

Every week I would tune into Channel 11 to check out what color Ms Slocombe's hair would be on Are You Being Served?  I always thought when I get into my senior years I would go every week to get my hair dyed a different color. What the heck. If Ms. Slocombe could do it why can't I?

When I was younger I was in such a rush to grow up. I guess we all are. Unfortunately I missed the boat on the chance of dying my hair all kinds of strange and wonderful colors.  I look back now and my excuses for not doing it were usually that the stinky job that I was in at the point wouldn't permit it. I am not in that same job anymore and really I was only making minimum wage so who cared if they fired me, there was always another crappy minimum wage job just around the corner.  But like I said I wanted to be a grown up and I lived on my own such as I do now and to remain on my own I needed those crappy jobs and thought better than to push my luck with my hair. I still wish I did it though.  Now at almost 42 I'm dying to dye my hair pink.  I know, what am I thinking or so that's what my husband says.  I tried to get pink streaks in my hair for my wedding but it was done incorrectly and I'm stuck with blondish streaks that makes me want to cut my hair out of my head.

Maybe if I get a really cute cut like this one:

and than just get streaks like these put in it wouldn't be looking like I'm trying to be 14 again.

But the pink has to be a perfect pink, like this color:

What do you think?