Monday, January 4, 2010

Starting to live Healthier

OK, this blog is mainly for my crafting adventures but I feel that some of my favorite blogs also have bits of information about other aspects of peoples lives.  Half the reason that I craft has to do with other things going on around me.  So here it goes, as I stated earlier I do have some resolutions and will be keeping you updated on how those are working out. 

My hardest resolution is the losing weight and trying to eat and be healthier.  THIS ONE SUCKS.  I am hoping that with my hard work my health will get better and I will be able to get off of a lot of the hoards of medication that I'm currently on.  One part of the losing weight for me is drinking more water, especially at work. I usually start my day with a diet pop followed non-stop by snacking until I leave at 4:30.  This does my no good as by the time I leave I feel like a slug.  So starting today I'm having 10 styrofoam cups a water first thing in the morning before eating anything.  I feel that this should help me with my hunger as well.

Well, gotta start work.  Talk to you again by the end of the week.

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