Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Staying with it

Ok, so far I'm doing good with my water drinking and posting on this blog weekly.  I did a great job with the water drinking on Saturday and it really seemed to curb my eating.  Sunday the water drinking went right out the window and so did eating better.  We got Subway and I know I should have gotten a 6" sandwich but with my bf getting his footlong I also got one. I felt like i was gonna burst when I was done but not until that point.  I know that if I stuck with my water I wouldn't have had that problem.  My BF's friend came over on Saturday which gave me a chance to clean up a bit but didn't really even make a dent in the craft room.  I did go to Michael's this week and got some more containers and to Hobby Lobby and got some faux suitcases for a possible venture into selling at a small fest this summer.  I will definitely get myself going this weekend and post "BEFORE" pictures of my craft room and hopefully be able to get a bit more done.

Just have to remind myself, Baby steps.  That's how this will all get done, Baby steps.

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