Thursday, April 5, 2012

Insane for Pinterest

I love off the wall styles. I have the picture above on My Style board on Pinterest. Pinterest is an obsession of mine and I got on the Pinterest bandwagon late.  Like I said before I'm a magazine fanatic, from fashion to housewares to crafting to gossip rags I love them all.

Also I have a certain way that I go through my magazines. Yes I'm obsessive but this is my way.  I get my magazines via subscription, online and through the store. I first flip through the magazine than it comes with me to work where during my breaks and lunch I read the articles that interest me. After that if the magazine has so much interesting stuff that I like more pages than not I keep the magazine otherwise I than commence to ripping pages out that I find useful for later.  Now again I get obsessive and not just tear the magazine page out willy nilly. I break the binding of the magazine so the page comes out perfect.  These sheets are categorized and either filed in my large metal filing cabinet or get put into a binder.  Now those magazines just too great to tear apart get put into magazine containers, which I have over 20 for later enjoyment.  I know obsessive, right? 

Well this is where Pinterest is perfect for me and saves my husband's sanity.  I find images online and no longer need to waste color ink in printing these I just save them to a board and can peruse to my heart's extent.  You would think I'm one of the only people that does this. Well thankfully I am not and Pinterest has shown me that I am part of a huge group out there.  No, I don't stop ripping out of magazines but now I have an online tear sheet obsession now too! So get pinning everyone. I have so many boards out there, from style and makeup to housewares and craft room goodies to recipes and holiday ideas. So don't forget to follow me.  I'll always be adding more along the way.

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christina said...

i love pinterest as well. such cute ideas, you placed here.
and thank you for your visit, and your sweet comment.