Friday, April 6, 2012

My craft room-Why would you think I'm a Hoarder?

This is the closet portion of the room I have dedicated as the 'craft room' or as my husband would like to refer to it as the 'cra* room".  Trust me when I say that the rest of the room is no joy to look at either.  It's not as bad as the closet though.  I was so happy when I was going to have a real craft room and the large closet in the room seemed to work better for me with the sliding wood doors removed. Now I have been working on this room on and off since we moved into our house. That is 3 years. Now it's to the point that I feel defeated every time I walk in.
I figured if I put this picture out there I could be shamed into getting it into shape. My little puppy can't go in this room I'm too afraid he'll get hurt. I also would like to leave the door open and show off my work as well as be able to sit down and tackle any craft my heart desires.

I did start working on this industrial shelving that I have in the one corner of the room. It's looking better than in this picture which already has me feeling better.

This book shelf is on the opposite corner, this doesn't look so bad does it?

This dresser was in my grandparents house and the room that it was in had a great grouping of furniture but this was the only piece left when my grandparents had past. It's a great piece and it holds those odds and ends that aren't too pretty to look at. It always makes me smile too cause it reminds me of my Grandmother.

Well this weekend the puppy has a vet appointment and Sunday is Easter so I'm thinking there won't be too much time to get this room tackled but I will post pictures of where I'm currently at with it.

If you have any suggestions or would like to show me your crafty space give me a holler.

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